Friday, April 27, 2007

National Natura 2000 links

The NNP is building a list of online national level information for Natura 2000. You can view the list here and contribute suggestions for additional links by commenting here, or by contacting gwhitmore(AT)eurosite(DOT)org.


Doug Evans said...

Over the years I've bookmarked many national & regional links for Natura 2000, some you already have & some may have now disappeared or changed

Natura 2000 Andalucia
Natura 2000 Austria (map)
Natura 2000 Asturias
Natura 2000 baden-wuerttemberg
Natura 2000 Bavaria 2000 Belgium
Natura 2000 Czech Republic
Natura 2000 Czech-sites/habitats/species
NATURA 2000 Danmark
Natura 2000 FRANCE
Natura 2000 - finland
NATURA 2000 Greece
Natura 2000 Hungary
Natura 2000 Ireland
NATURA 2000 - IUCN Office for Central Europe Project
Natura 2000 Latvia
Natura 2000 - Lithuania
Natura 2000 Malta
Natura 2000 Niedersachsen,,C540693_N11312_L20_D0_I598,00.html
Natura 2000 Poland
Natura 2000 Lappland

Natura 2000 SchleswigHolstein
natura 2000 Slovakia
NATURA 2000 Slovenia
Natura 2000 Sweden
UK Marine SACs Info Net
UK Special Areas of Conservation (SAC) new
Natura 2000 IT
European Habitats Forum
Natura 2000 Estonia
Natura 2000 in Espana
NАTURA 2000 in Bulgaria
PL- handbooks
CIRCA -Habitats Directive
Natura - Netherlands
Romania-Natura database
Natura 2000 - Germany
Natura Croatia
Natura 2000 in Romania
Portugal Natura 2000 handbook
Natura 2000 Italy

Gavin Whitmore said...

Many thanks, Doug.

We will check the links and add all those that still go where they are supposed. said...

for news and updates on Natura 2000 in Italy I suggest the web site
(italian version) or (english reduced version)

As you can see, the website offers news and updated information on funds for Natura 2000 in Italy, documents on this issue, links to the regional web sites on Natura 2000 plus a survey on their quality .These are only few examples on the information provided.

All the contents of the website are original and written in a popular way so as to reduce the distance between Natura 2000 and the stakeholders. The web site has been conceived as a tool for stakeholders to obtain easyly and updated information on Natura 2000.

This is why I suggest to insert this web site in the Natura 2000 site pages and update the page with the web site.

Best regards

Stefano Picchi

Gavin Whitmore said...

Many thanks, Stefano - this is very useful.

Bianca said...

Hello, here are some links, mainly for Germany

Natura 2000 Baden-Wuerttemberg

Natura 2000 Bavaria

Natura 2000 Brandenburg

Natura 2000 Bremen

Natura 2000 Berlin

Natura 2000 Mecklenburg Western-Pommerania

Natura 2000 Lower Saxony

Natura 2000 Hamburg

Natura 2000 Hessen

Natura 2000 North Rhine-Westphalia

Natura 2000 Rhineland-Palatinate

Natura 2000 Saarland

Natura 2000 Sachsen-Anhalt

Natura 2000 Saxony

Natura 2000 Schleswig-Holstein

Natura 2000 Thuringia

Natura 2000 Wallonie

Natura 2000 France

Gavin Whitmore said...

Wonderful, Bianca - thankyou!

Gavin Whitmore said...

Submitted by MPau, of Punta de la Móra, ES.

Spain’s Government - Environment Ministry: in this page you can look up Natura 2000 sites Spanish map, legislation, Natura 2000 Spanish barometer to monitoring Natura 2000 sites, key documents about implementation of Natura 2000 network in Spain, etc.

Fundación Biodiversidad (Foundation that depends on Environment Ministry): It allows to know the specific protection figure’s in the natural sites with an specific information about Natura 2000 network

Generalitat de Catalunya – Departament de Medi Ambient (Regional Government of Catalonia’s Environment Department): this website has information about administrative organisation that has been developed in Spain concerning Member States' obligation to propose sites. Also we can find information about legislation, habitats directive, key documents about Catalan Natura 2000 implementation, etc.