Friday, February 15, 2008

Final programme message...

The programme partners, Eurosite, EUROPARC Federation and the European Landowners Organization, would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your involvement and dedication to the Natura 2000 Networking Programme (NNP), which ran through 2007.

With the assistance and commitment of 30 Natura 2000 Ambassadors from 18 countries, the NNP specified an integrated approach, recognising the essential contributions of different stakeholders responsible for and interacting with Europe's rich diversity of Natura 2000 sites and surrounding areas. Focusing on communication, capacity building and the value of working in partnership to achieve nature conservation objectives, the programme created a series of training events, themed workshops and practical tools to promote Natura 2000, good practice in site management and the benefits of networking, across Europe.

Natura 2000 Ambassadors for the NNP, have contributed to a body of work that will remain relevant and useful beyond the short life of the NNP. The new knowledge and skills developed during the programme will positively effect the standards of Natura 2000 management. The drafted guidance documents will remain an asset to site managers, landowners and stakeholders with an interest in increasing their capacity for good management of Natura 2000. The NNP has been concluded - however, as your valuable work will undoubtedly continue within Natura 2000, I encourage you to collaborate, network and build on the momentum initiated through the Programme., will, for the time being remain an important information source for the stakeholders and managers of Natura 2000. We therefore encourage you to use and develop the tools, workshop reports and guidance available on this website that were created for the NNP. The management toolkit documents are now available in English, French and German.

The NNP team.

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